Introducing A Future Date!

We're proud to announce A Future Date, a conference on accessibility and inclusive design!

The program will begin on April 21st through 23rd at:

Thanks to 3PlayMedia for providing captioning services, and Basecamp for the use of their app to help organize the program.

About the program

We're starting with a bang: the keynote session on Monday will be Lainey Feingold and Tim Elder presenting their Digital Accessibility Legal Update, a highlight for accessibility pros each year.

For our Wednesday keynote, we have Corinne Weibel, Jutta Treviranus and Nathan Cunningham presenting "Making AI Inclusive for Hiring and HR".

And Thursday's keynote wil be Lucy Greco's "Why Add People with Disabilities to Your Workforce?"

All this for the low, low cost of FREE! We're not even requiring registration. Just come to our YouTube channel and you can watch while participating in the group chat.

You can watch our introduction now on YouTube, and be sure to subscribe to the channel to get notifications of each day's session.

Follow us on Twitter for updates, and check back here for the final schedule in the next few days.

Thanks to all of our volunteers, speakers and in-kind contributors.

See you on the 21st!